We’ve Rebranded – Markkazi is now ARK CIC

ARK C.I.C, also known as Markkazi in the past, is a not-for-profit recruitment consultancy. While keeping its principles as a company, we have been working on changing the brand identity and name. Markkazi took a hard hit during the COVID-19 lockdown period, therefore we decided to have a fresh start and put our new ideas into practice. 

The rebranding of our company was a long process for us as we wanted to create content which is accurate, creative and represents our company and its ideals. The team at ARK all worked together on the rebranding of the company, putting all of our individual skills to the test. Firstly, we began with coming up with ideas for the brand name together. After a couple of days, the team decided that ARK C.I.C would be most suitable for us. ARK C.I.C. was inspired by the story of Noah’s Ark as the story symbolises promise, perseverance and faith but also change. We felt we resonate with this because we want to improve people’s lives by using our profits towards social change. 

While representing the principles from the story, we also felt this would maintain our motivation, of working in an environment of virtuous people driven by kindness. After realising our name, members of the team then began making research for the logo. We attempted searching for popular fonts. However, we had a particular vibe that we wanted to follow and we decided that we want the style to appear slightly techy. 

After searching through various different fonts, we decided on the one that the whole team liked the most by experimenting with different samples. We aimed for an aesthetic which would appeal to everyone. So, we kept the original website colours of teal and hot pink as contrasting colours which would give our website a bright electric feel. The logo was created in Adobe Illustrator by our team. 

Each one of us are experts in our areas of recruitment and we are so excited to share our knowledge when working with clients and candidates. We have expanded our areas of recruitment to more than just the public sector, as we now also recruit in IT, Design and more. We are not just recruitment specialists.