Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement

Policy Statement

Modern Slavery is a reprehensible crime and a violation of basic human rights. Modern slavery takes many forms including forced labour, human trafficking, and financial exploitation, all of which are designed to take advantage of a person’s freedom by exploiting them to inhumane conditions for personal or commercial gain. Modern slavery is governed by the Modern Slavery Act 2015 within the UK. ARK Recruitment Consultancy C.I.C. is committed to acting to high ethical standards and operating with integrity and respect within our own business practices and when dealing with other businesses. We have zero-tolerance towards modern slavery, and we expect our clients and business partners to adhere to the same standards. In accordance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015, we have prepared a Modern Slavery Statement.

Organisation Structure

ARK Recruitment Consultancy C.I.C. is a social enterprise recruitment consultancy that specialises in IT, Education, Social Housing, and Security. We are a certified social enterprise and are registered with Social Enterprise UK (SEUK) which is the leading global authority for social enterprises. 

Our Supply Chains

As a recruitment consultancy, our supply chains are mainly focused on sourcing candidates for clients, however, this does not limit possible partnerships and use of external agencies for ARK Recruitment Consultancy C.I.C. to use and supply clients with. As we do not limit who we operate with, there is an expectation that other agencies that we partner with have high ethical standards and operate in a professional and legally compliant way. 

Due Diligence

ARK Recruitment Consultancy C.I.C. carries out due diligence to make sure that all candidates are supplied through our service. We do this by verifying the identity of every candidate and making sure they have the legal requirements to work within the UK. Through our commitment of a zero-tolerance policy to modern slavery, we have procedures in place that assures that potential business partners have the correct standards in place that ensures fair, ethical, and legally compliant conditions so that people are not subjected to violations of their fundamental human rights and liberties. 


Within ARK Recruitment Consultancy C.I.C., all staff are expected to comply with these laws and behave in accordance with legislation and laws and, to act with integrity and honesty. At ARK Recruitment Consultancy C.I.C., we provide our staff with basic training modules online for new and existing staff members that can be accessible at any time. This statement is made pursuant to Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and constitutes ARK Recruitment Consultancy C.I.C.’s modern slavery transparency statement.